Ellen Gallagher is an American artist of African American descent. Her father was from Cape Verde in Western Africa and it is evident that her mixed ethnicity influences her work. Gallagher is particularly interested in which images of black culture have found expression and what relates them to the modernist tradition. She focuses on the ‘middle passage’ in which millions of slaves lost their lives on the journey from Africa to America by creating her version of a ‘Black Atlantis’.

Gallagher brings together imagery from myth, nature, art and social history to create complex works in a wide variety of media including painting, drawing, relief, collage, print, sculpture, film and animation. One of her pieces involved repetitively modifying and manipulating images that fostered ideals of black beauty through wigs and hair adornments that Gallagher has recontextualised, collaging the Afro wig elements and embellishing them with plasticine.

Gallagher’s work has been featured in many exhibitions including the Museum of Contemporary in Florida, and the Tate Modern in London







100 Contemporary Artists A-H Book


Micah Lidberg is an American illustrator and is currently working in his hometown Kansas City, Missouri. His illustrations are highly populated and detailed intersections of nature and imagination. Having lived in other cities such as New York, Minneapolis or Brighton has contributed to his love for practical design and travelling. What inspires him when creating his unique artwork is science, paranormal phenomena and the marvels that nature provides us day by day. He has been featured in publications such as Computer Arts, Beautiful/Decay, Society of Illustrators LA.  Micah continues this practice today by bringing pencil to paper, now expanding his work with digital techniques. Often working between the boundaries of design and illustration, Micah seamlessly integrates typography and hand drawn worlds. His work ranges from editorial projects to apparel collections, including clients such as The New York Times, Lacoste, Nylon Magazine, and Target. Micah is represented by Hugo & Marie.










Paul Davis is an English illustrator born in 1962 Somerset, England. He is a long term resident of the Big Orange studio in Shoreditch, East London, sharing space with other illustrators and designers. Davis’s work is created by his own personal research, informed by either questioning society or recording their responses and actions. He also enjoys listening into people’s conversations. Davis’ illustrations centre on ‘life, love, sex, death, humour’. His journalistic style of working is loose and witty. He works in such a manner, that his work almost becomes a visual documentary on a modern day society through the artist’s viewpoint. ‘Overheard and overseen day to day living’ provide the narrative behind his works. His work, far from pretty, has no embellishments or pattern, for fear of losing clarity of imagery. Davis paints or draws much of his work before it’s scanned in to work on digitally.






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